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Monday, January 10, 2011

getting myself busy

currently, im doing part time job.as i wished during my study life, wanted to do part time job that lowest rank type of works. cuci jamban pun jadi la. ha ha

well, making friend with those lower rank of people in our social community pyramid really open my perception on the life of those people.

getting the opportunity to be together with them, to feels what they felt, taught me to appreciate others n life better.

im making frens with those people, and what i could felt is that those higher level people dont even look at us.

this is fact of the world.

once u are above.mostly. people tend to forget the lower rank people. it quite nice to know them n felt how those orang kaya or, orang sederhana look at us.

feeling get offended? most of the time, yes. people dont really respect these people.

so long. will be getting busy with those people.

ive started to enjoy making friends with those people.


good luck for coming results kawan2.


pencuci jamban perlu tido awal utk hari yang gemilang esok.
esok ad jamban perlu di cuci.

ha ha