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Thursday, June 16, 2011

life progression

As a muslim, we have been thought for human, times is describe by three means


through this means, here comes the definition tht should be clearly understood for the sake of
"esok lebih baik dari hari sblumnya".

things that happen after now.which u dont have the power to change.yet, it happens based on ur act.
a second past consider yesterday!

now.what u are doing now.yup.right now.it is created as the shortest time that we could do right now.if those mathematician able to describe nanosecond, then our today should be the nanosecond!

the period of the time that follows the 'today's' period.which describe as 'ghaib' that we never know what it is.

It is important for us to know actually we are granted only less than a second to make chance for the next period of time that coming.

A thought never change a man,unless he really understood it.

good luck!!

aku kat pd lagi weyyyy.

Monday, June 06, 2011

update utk jun


arini last day ad kat pd.

haha.balik pd skian lama tak balik.

alhamdulilah dapat 4 ari cuti.btul2 fully utilized utk family.

haish.maaf rakan2.tak pat hangout. mayb next time.

ok.petang ni balik ganu balik.

gud luk


penangan sbk sngat la gian.adoii