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suka hati aku. tempat aku. posting aku.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

siapa dulu

last 3 days have been a really pack n stressful day for me. Alhamdulilah, all the burden past. well.here im back! creating a new post. Late afternoon today, Ive met with my cikgu motivasi, asking on how him able to handle lots of different business, from counseling, broker, T-Shirt factory manager, n blablablabla.

I ask him a question, how he can really manage all the task, which different fields, and together with the stress of the workloads. he answered my question with a story, a story that i would like to share with u all.

Kisah Nabi Musa a.s. sakit gigi. Some of us may know n some may not, so do i. the story is about Nabi Musa a.s. having a pain cause by his teeth.

Diceritakan bahwa Musa as. pernah mengeluh kepada Allah swt karana menderita sakit gigi. Maka Allah swt memerintahkan: “Ambillah rumput orang itu dan letakkan pada gigi kamu!” Lalu Musa a.s pun berbuat demikian, maka sakitnya pun sembuh.

Beberapa hari kemudian, sakit gigi yang dialami Musa a.s datang lagi. Maka Musa a.s pun mengambil kembali rumput yang pernah diambil dulu dan meletakkan pada giginya. Hasilnya bukan bertambah sembuh, sebaliknya sakit giginya bertabah teruk dari biasa. Lansung dari itu Musa a.s pun mengadu kepada Allah swt dengan katanya, “ Wahai Tuhanku, bukankan engkau mengarahkan aku untuk berbuat demikian tetapi mengapa ianya tidak melegakan aku?”

Allah swt menjawab: “Wahai Musa, Akulah yang menyembuhkan dan Akulah yang menyehatkan. Aku yang memberi bencana dan akulah yang memberi manfaat. Kali pertama kamu datang kepadaKu dan mengharapkan pertolongan Aku, lalu Aku sembuhkan sakit kamu. Sekarang engkau menuju kepada rumput dan tidak menuju kepada-Ku.”

( Petikan dari : “Nuruzh-Zhalâm” karya Syekh Nawawi Banten dengan sedikit olahan )

thats what make me think for what that ive done previously.

err.saya hamba lemah.sekdar mengingatkan.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

history his story

friends.ive been involving most the time with. im not friendly as i am now back then in secondary school.i kind of a nerd studnt. which ive got not much things to be remmberd. few days back,as usual, my usual wasting time and a must to do activity, jumping one blog to another. ive been visiting few of my secondary school friends. changed.one of the blog hve not been updated for a while and as usual habit of spamming, i left a comment which then replied with a post. its really good feeling when we talk bout history,what had happen back then,to see their face that changed a lot, n bla bla bla. well, it was my past.

being a final year student, ive realize lots of things that i should not do during my early years in utp. when juniors do the things that ive done before, ive felt like, that was a stupid of me doing all those things. orang melayu ckap, orang tua makan garam dulu, yup that cant be doubt. being of me, that always doubt on others' advices, some i do take it seriously n some i dont really cares. by end of this coming december, i will be finishing my degree.insyALLAH. though my pointer are not really flying colours kind of result, but i will make sure that when i when out from utp, i will bring something that ive learn not from books, but the people of utp itself.

i always admired people that who once failed during their study life, but in the real world, he turn out to be someone. n i always imagine that those my fren which dont have good result but have a really good survival skills among the society will excel more and more than those top scorer.

i used to be a top scorer back then(not in my u life of course) which now ive left kind of forgotten. its not that people wont remmber me. its just, ive never done differnt things that others may have done. so.ive got a lot of picture of being with u all friends, n i will kept it for the memory forwards.i will be missing u all.

do i ever said i love u all?

if dont.

assume its done.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



versi senyum tunjuk gigi cun

Saturday, March 20, 2010

kenapa bukan superbike?

orang tnya.

farouk.ko habis byk duit kat moto.

ha ha.

ok.true fact.

sgt2 byk duit habis suda.

during intern.bli 2 moto.huhu.

kan mmbazir.

knp tak superbike trus?

skli tukar tayar,amik ko.450 shaja.

skali tukar minyak itam,

satu liter rm49.superbike paling kurang 2.5l.

amik ko.

tgk die punya kos.

nak terberak.


so.ak studnt.bukan kaki kikis harta parents aku.

so.kapcai suda.

tp knp kapcai lama suzuki buruk tu?


tgk nih.

seee.sume moto satu kaum satu jenis.


saya tak rmpit.

trek tmpt slmat


hobi kanak2 universiti miskin bukan harta orang tua.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

cuti mid sem.

cuti mid sem.

pgi penang.

hatim, ayah, me, spek iqbal
background-penang island

pgi komtar.cari nissin speedlight

oh ye.

previous entry.

tunggu ak mid sem.

skang da mid sem.


80% sedar;

50% gurlish-pink.ha ha ha.





D3000+Tamron 18-270 mm f/3.5-6.3



Friday, March 05, 2010

errr.lama tul


see.how long ive not been log in into my ym.

betul2 berhabuk!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

statistic of the day

see there.

choc n light blue are among the majority.

so bye.

a glass of water + 2 panadol

dose off.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

dowh.seksi adek beradek.


slongkar2 pic dalam laptop.

haha.jumpe nih.

gile nostalgia.


do i change lot?


*ak kecik2 putih.sapa kawen dgn ak, anak ak mst putih.