hoi hoi hoi

suka hati aku. tempat aku. posting aku.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


in 2 weeks evryone make a really good friendship.
tahniah.sangat berbangga!
thx for all the memories :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

at bangi.


hi, currently at bangi, having course for 2 weeks.

anyone in bangi, come n visit me.eheeeee

looking forward to hve broadband.

ahahaaa..ok..will update later.

keep in touch guys


some update about being at paka.
terenganu so far is not really bad.
im enjoying it.

making new friends.

hope will meet u again guysss

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

bye2 pd.

will be off to paka tomorrow evening.
report duty at paka on the 3rd march.

aih.sangatt kelam kabut. hope everything will be fine.

hope still get the access to internet. should start consider
have a broadband.

motor dah pos.tak tau sapa smpi dulu.owner or moto.hopefully moto.
tak patah kaki.

and where on the earth is kg tok arun? haha.

will be making friends with new people again.

again, thx for all the doa(s).

hoping everythng will be ok in paka.amin.

wishing u all the best. amin.

tq anip for such a heroic response given by him today.i owe u one.
will never be forgot.arigato haniff hasan.